How To Straighten Beard Hair

How To Straighten Beard Hair

Keeping a beard is rather easy. Maintaining it is a whole different challenge. You can have a beard if you do not cut it on time. But to get it to look good, you need to trim and maintain your beard daily.

A curly beard looks fantastic, and if you love dense hair strands on your face, then keeping a beard will be quite easy for you. You do not need to maintain your beard, and you do not need to cut it either. If your lady loves a thickly bearded face, then it’s an added advantage for you!

But if you do not maintain your beard, lots of problems may occur. You can see hygiene issues, itchy skin, tangled beard hair, and so on. Your beard’s texture will also get damaged if you do not maintain or trim your beard regularly. Hence, trimming those strands often or shampooing your beard can give you good results.

But you can keep your beard more quickly if you straighten your beard hair. You must be thinking about how to straighten beard hair? Fortunately, lots of easy remedies are available to answer your how to straighten curly beard hair questions.

How To Straighten Your Beard Hair

How To Straighten Your Beard Hair

Showering Your Beard Regularly

You need to wash your beard hair regularly. Even if you do not go for a regular average shower, a beard shower is significant. First of all, apply some good quality oil to your beard. Oil gives your beard hair good growth. You can see a difference very quickly.

Rinse your beard correctly and use a beard shampoo to maintain your beard properly. Beard shampoo will rinse off all the dirt and pollution stuck to your beard. Now rinse it off immediately after that, use a conditioner. Beard conditioners are available in the market.

You need to locate one from a good and reputed company with only good ingredients. After a few minutes, rinse it off too. Now take a handful of beard wax. You can purchase a good quality beard wax from an online store or your local shop as well.

Directly rub that wax on your two palms and then apply it to your beard. Take downward strokes to get full coverage and good results. The buttery consistency of the polish will make your beard look shiny, smooth, yet straight.

You may have standard oil, shampoo, and wax in your home, but we will always recommend you to choose beard shampoo, oil, and beard polish from online stores. Your question for how to straighten black beard hair must have answered in this way.

Using Beard Straightener

Now comes the most crucial part, drying off your beard hair. When your beard hair is wet, you can do any styling with it. But when it gets dry, you cannot keep it straight! But not anymore! With some hair straightening and maintaining tools, you can keep the shape of your hair correctly. Use a blow dryer for drying.

Everyone gets bumped with a question, how to straighten beard hair naturally. You can do it naturally, but you cannot keep it like this for a longer time. But with some minimal tools, you can keep it like this for several hours! Just get a flat-faced straightening tool or a comb and start combing your beard hair.

Now begin giving blow dryer heat on the other side of the straightening tool. Together, they both will make your beard straight and will keep it straight for hours. You always need to comb your beard hair on the downward side. This will enhance blood flow in your blood vessels, and your beard will grow naturally and normally.

You can also buy a mini beard hair straighter. If you love your beard and want to invest in it, buying a mini straightener will be the best thing to do for your beard hair. The heat helps you to keep the beard straight, and you will look fantastic in that way.

If you are still looking to straighten beard hair without heat, we will ask you to comb your hair and apply wax to it. There’s no other way left for you. The result will be different if you do not put a hair straightener or blow dryer on your beard.

Ways To Keep It Straight for a Longer Time

Ways To Keep It Straight for a Longer Time

Now that you know how to straighten short beard hair, you must be wondering how to straighten beard hair at home? Well, you can do everything mentioned here at your home only. We haven’t mentioned any unique treatments here. But you need to maintain your straight hair properly to keep the look intact.

You have to comb your hair a few times every hour. Now you have to wash your hair only a few times every week. It is good to shampoo your beard once a week. You can use a product like Professor Fuzzworthy’s bear shampoo. The shampoo will help your beard hair to retain all the natural oils stored in it. Your hair growth will also be good in this way.

Using a good quality conditioner is also very important to keep the beard growth intact. Showerhead water filters are readily available in the market. You can buy one for your home. A good conditioner like Cremo Cedar Forest Beard & Scruff Softener will keep all the unwanted chemicals away from your beard hair.

It will also keep your hair and skin in good shape. Owning a small comb in your bag is necessary. Keep combing your beard once every 15 minutes for a flawless look.

If you are a model or associated with the fashion industry, you have to maintain this time frame cautiously.

If you notice patiently, you will see some curvy hair even after doing all the treatments correctly. This happens because these hair strands are inborn curly, and you cannot straighten them anyways. So, it would help if you snipped them off. With a small tweezer or a pair of scissors, you can easily cut them off and get a flawless look.

Some Special Tips for a Flawless Beard

Let us answer all your questions related to how to straighten out beard hair now. Below are a few final tips

  • Do not mix your hairbrush and your beard brush if you want a good result. If you are confused about how to straighten my beard hair, this tip is crucial for you. Keep a separate beard brush with you, and keep combing after every 15 minutes to get a fantastic look.
  • Use a beard conditioner if you are confused about how to straighten your beard hair. Conditioning daily will make your hair smooth, and you can use wax easily on such types of hair. Now the conditioner also makes your hair look straight and shiny!
  • If you live with a complicated beard condition and look for answers on how to straighten coarse beard hair, you can go for chemical treatments. Chemical treatments are available in different places. Choose a suitable class according to the reviews and reach for chemical treatment for a long-lasting good result.

Wrap Up

If you are a bearded freak, then you have to change your lifestyle a bit. Eating healthy food and exercising will help your beard hair to grow properly. Once your beard hair growth is good, you can maintain them easily.