How to Shave Your Head Bald

How to Shave Your Head Bald

Are you thinking of shaving your head bald?

If you are doing it for the first time, you might want to seek advice from a barber or someone who might have done it. You might also want to know if the baldhead will suit your face cut or not.

A baldhead gives a classic, bold look. Studies show that men with a baldhead are more dominant and have the potential to be great leaders.

Do you know how to shave your head bald?

In this article, let’s look at certain steps and tools used on how to shave your head bald safely and give it a new look.

Tools Used To Shave Your Head

It is essential to choose the right tool to shave your head. You should choose the one you are comfortable using.

Hair Clippers

Clippers are used to shorten your hair length. Nowadays, some clippers can shave your head completely. A balding clipper by Wahl Professional comes with an electric motor that cuts your hair at a much greater speed. It comes with all the accessories you will require. It helps shave your head quickly and precisely.

Using a Shaver

Using an electric shaver is much easier and convenient to use than razors. You need to choose a good quality electric shaver.

Shaving your beard and shaving your head is a different thing. While shaving your head yourself, you can’t see your back completely, and you have to be careful while shaving. Choosing the best quality shaver will help cover your large part of your head.

So go with a shaver that has good motor speed, power and has multiple cutting blades.

Using A Razor

There are different types of razors. Choose the one according to your use. You can use a cartridge razor with multiple blades and a flexible and safe head to use. With multiple blades, you can easily shave your head all at once and prevent any irritation.

Steps To Shave Your Head Bald

Steps To Shave Your Head Bald

#1 Trim Your Hairs

Before shaving your head completely, it is important to take some steps to get a perfect shave. While shaving your head for the first time, you must use a hair clipper, remove the guard, and trim as much hair as possible. If you don’t shorten your hair, it might get stuck in the razor and hurt you.

You can get an electronic clipper by WAHL. It easily cuts your hair without any snags. The blades of this hair clipper are very sharp and long-lasting.

#2 Wash Your Head With Lukewarm Water

As you wash your face before shaving your beard, you should wash your hair with warm water. This helps to open up the pores, soften your skin and reduce frictions. It will also remove the hair clipping that might be there while trimming.

#3 Remove Any Dead Cells By Oiling It

Oiling your skin will help hydrate your hairs. Oil creates a line and protects your head while using a razor for trimming. Oiling is very good to remove dead skin and is great for sensitive skin.

Applying shaving oil will help your razor or trimmer run smoothly in your skin. It helps protect your skin with a blade by creating a protective barrier.

Shaving oil by Lather and Wood protects your skin and provides comfort while shaving. This pre-shave oil is great for men having thick hair and sensitive skin.

#4 Apply A Shaving Gel Before Shaving

You can apply a shaving cream or a shaving gel as per your preference. If you are shaving it for the first time, go with a transparent shaving gel, so it’s easy for you to shave. You can see your scalp while you shave it.

We recommend you Gillette ProGlide shaving gel that is good for sensitive skin. It will give you a smooth shave and protect your skin.

#5 Start Shaving

After applying the gel, start shaving your head from one side. Shave one side completely before moving on to the next part. This way, you will be able to shave easily and comfortably. Clean your razor blade after every stroke to keep it clean.

You can use a hand mirror to shave your back. You can keep it in front or hold it as per your comfort. You should always shave in the same direction your hair is growing. This way, you will prevent any ingrown hair.

#6 Wash Your Head With Cold Water

As warm water helps open the pores, cold water helps close your pores. Washing your hairs with cold water prevents your head from any blocks and firms your skin.

You can apply a post-shave balm by Bee Bald. It helps soothe the damaged skin, razor burn, or any skin irritation you may have. Please avoid using any alcohol-based shave gels, as they will damage your skin.

#7 Heal your cuts if any

If your skin gets cut while shaving, you can apply an alum block by Gentleman Jon. It has antiseptic properties. It helps stop any bleeding from your cuts and helps close your pores, and prevents irritation. Applying the alum block just after shaving will stop any razor burn.

Shaving Tips

  • To shave your head, you should always use a new razor with multiple blades. It will help you give a clean shave at once. Getting most of the hair trimmed at once is great for sensitive skin.
  • You can apply the same gel or balm you use for your face while shaving. But to avoid any skin irritation or itching, go for a gel made for sensitive skin.
  • Always keep a mirror in front while shaving. You should start shaving the area that is visible to you first. So start with the front and then your sides. Your scalp may have a little bump, and you may not know while using a razor. So be careful and take it slow.

Shaving Tips

How Can You Make Your Shaved Head Look Beautiful?

Men should take care of their bald heads just like they care for their faces. The baldhead is more prone to the harmful UV rays of the sun.

To keep your shaved head look beautiful, you should:

  • Wash your head with lukewarm water or wipe it using a cloth. Clean it using a cleanser once a day. Otherwise, it will dry out your skin.
  • You should apply an antioxidant skin brightening serum like iS clinically advanced serum. It helps reduce uneven skin tones and helps brighten your face.
  • You should use a moisturizer that has a matte finish. We recommend using sunscreen by brush on the block. You can easily apply this sunscreen, and it helps protect your head and face from harmful UV rays. It is paraben-free and safe for sensitive skin as well.
  • If you have a dry scalp, we recommend using a moisturizer by Baxter of California. It hydrates and refreshes your skin. You can use it on any skin.


With the above steps and advice, you can now shave your head smoothly and comfortably. Using the right tools and products, you can now easily shave your head. A bald head will make you look bold and dominant if you take care of it properly.

I hope you now know how to shave your head bald and give it a clean look.