How to Maintain a Short Beard

How to Maintain a Short Beard

A short beard has become a style statement for men. Not everybody understands how to keep a beard and take care of it.

It is important to give regular attention to grooming and maintenance. If you, too, are wondering “how to maintain a short beard?” read our step-wise guide below.

How to Maintain a Short Beard: A Guide

Letting it Grow

Yes, the first step to keep a good yet short and trimmed beard is just to let your beard grow out a bit. It’s important to keep at it patiently. A lot of people lose patience when they start with a beard.

In the first few days, a beard can be itchy, slow to grow, and it may even make you look bad.

Most people start with a clean shave when puberty hits, so a beard seems unkempt to them. But to grow any beard, you need to let the hair come out, and it will also give you an understanding of the kind of growth you have.

Some excellent beard oils are available in the market, which can help improve average growth at this stage, especially if your growth is unsatisfactory. We recommend Honest Amish – Classic

Beard Oil and Viking Revolution – Beard Oil Conditioner for any youngster who is worried about growing and maintaining a short beard.

Using A Beard Brush

Once you have enough growth and volume to your beard hair, it’s time to get down and start grooming it!

If you have never seen a beard brush, it looks almost like a small shoe polish brush. It has a handle, and the brush has natural or synthetic hair.

Beard brushes help coat your beard hair with your body’s natural oils (known as sebum). Instead of using beard oil, then a hairbrush can help spread it to every hair as well.

Other advantages include enhancing blood flow to your follicles and giving direction to wayward hair. If your primary question is “how to maintain a short beard with a mustache?” then a bear brush can groom a mustache.

We recommend taking up the Bear Alpha Grooming Kit or the Beard Brush by ZilberHaar if you are looking for a great beard brush. If “how to maintain a short beard” is on your mind, then a beard brush can be very helpful.

How to Maintain a Short Beard A Guide

Trim Your Beard

Now, we have been talking about letting your hair grow out and grooming it, but you might be wondering, “how to maintain a beard short?“. That is where trimming comes in.

Trimming your beard hair ensures that they are all the same length, and you have the nice edges that give shape to your beard.

In the old days, a scissor used to be man’s best companion when it came to trimming, but with the advancement in technology, we now have very precise trimmers available. They can let you choose the exact length by millimeter.

If you are looking for a trimmer, there can be no better option than a Philips Norelco MG3750. You get ultimate flexibility with this trimmer; it has an attachment head for almost every need.

Shaping Your Beard

With trimmed, neat hair, shaping is going to be easy. Keep in mind, the important thing here is symmetry. We recommend the following steps:

  1. Clip any hairs that are above the line connecting your sideburns to your mustache.
  2. Clean up the sideburns and ensure symmetry on the left and right sides of your face.
  3. Do the same process for hairs outside your neckline. The neckline should ideally stop at your adam’s apple.

Taking Regular Care

Once you have trimmed and shaped your bear, you can move to the final and most important step and the answer to the question “how to maintain a short elegant beard“.

We suggest washing twice a week. You can use a beard wash to remove dirt while keeping your sebum in place. We recommend Just for Men, which has a wide variety of beard wash products for every hair type.

Apply a good beard moisturizer that will keep the skin hydrated and prevent itching and irritation. Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Face Moisturizer is an excellent product to consider.

Short Beard Styles

Short Beard Styles

Short-Boxed Beard

A short boxed beard is perhaps the most popular short beard style. It looks elegant, commands respect, and is particularly suited to the young working male.

Short-boxed beards can either be low or high. Although both have sideburns, the cheek line is higher in the high short boxed style, whereas it follows the neckline very closely in the case of a low short-boxed beard.


Henry Cavill’s character in Mission: Impossible – Fallout immortalized the beard stache. If you haven’t seen the movie, the style is very similar to a short boxed beard but with cheek lines shorter than your mustache.

This style lets the mustache stand out on its own. If you wonder how to maintain a very short beard, the beard stache is a great choice.

Van Dyke

If you have seen Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, you know what a Van Dyke is. It is a perfect casual style for artists and younger gents because it does not require too much maintenance.

All you need is to keep your jawline and cheeks clean and a bit of trimming now and then.

3-Day Stubble Beard

If you wonder how to maintain a short stubby beard, the three-day stubble is the perfect balance of rugged looks and low maintenance. All you need is to set your trimmer at less than one-quarter of an inch, and that’s it! Just make sure that you keep the neck clean-shaven, and the length of the hair is consistent throughout.


The ever-popular goatee has been around for ages, adorning the faces of men from the French revolution to the modern-day movie stars.

To keep a goatee, you need to have strong pillars. The mustache needs to join your beard on both sides of your mouth. The area between your pillars would have to be filled up by your beard, from the bottom lip down to the neckline.

The goatee works fabulously with most styles of fashion and face cuts. But the important thing to remember is that the width of the goatee should complement your face.

A pro tip: Start wide. Don’t try to get the perfect look with the first stroke of the trimmer. Then gradually reduce the width until you are satisfied with the look that you are getting. The goatee is easy to maintain as well; all you need is a trim now and then and, of course, clean shaving the cheeks and neck.

Wrap Up

We hope we have been able to answer all your questions about maintaining a very short beard. Growing a beard is easy (you have to do nothing!), but getting the right look is often hard and takes practice.

All the steps we outlined are important, but the most important thing is to carry the beard with confidence and panache! Just go out there and rock the style that you want.