How to Brush Your Beard

How to Brush Your Beard

Brushing your beard can be a great way of styling your facial hair. If you are going to an event, it is better to look good with a crisp face. Unorganized hair can look dirty, and if you have a fuller beard, you will not look good with brushing.

The most effective way of brushing your beard is brushing it down towards your chin for a uniform look. You can then brush your neckbeard and nearby areas in a forward direction.

There is a lot more to this simple process of making your beard look classy. And here, we will impart you how to brush your beard and create an outstanding style.

We comprehend how tough it can be for inexperienced people to style their beards in a way that looks good, and we are passionate about sharing our experience.

Things You Will Need

If you are wondering how to brush your beard properly, you will have to gather the following resources to let you shape your facial hair the way you want.

  1. You will need a boar fur beard brush and comb, which you can find in any online store, or beauty store. We will thoroughly discuss how to use a boat brush on your beard. One of the best beard brushes is by Rubab.
  2. A hairdryer will help you dry the moisture off your hair, leaving them in a definite shape. You will have to use the dryer and brush together. A great hairdryer to use is the Havells Foldable Hair Dryer.
  3. You will also have to make sure you take a shower before your brushing routine, as the beard will be well wet. A gentle beard wash from a good beauty store can help you clean your beard well before you brush it.
  4. Get yourself a wet & dry electric trimmer to clean off your beard in a level. This device will make your grooming process even more straightforward than before. We recommend using the Philips Titanium blade, Beard Trimmer.
  5. Brush balm for your mustache will act as a wax that holds your facial hair together. We will also discuss how to brush balm into your beard in the tutorial below.

Tools to Brush Your Beard

Step by Step Instructions for Brushing Your Beard

These steps will be as practical as you let them be; you will be doing the most justice to your beautiful face with a routine. Follow these steps in an organized way, and we can guarantee you effective results. But also, do not brush too often, or it will harm your beard.

If you wonder how to soften a brush for your beard, you can rub the brush on your palm as hard as possible, though prevent ripping any fur off. When you use dryers too often on your cheek, it slowly reduces your hair’s quality, so it is better to use them in low heat.

Wash and Clean Your Beard

This strategy might sound a little obvious, but it is pretty essential when you are going to brush your hair. You can buy any gentle beard wash from a beauty store to enhance your washing experience.

Your skin has natural sebum oils which provide nutrition to the beard hair; too much scrubbing can remove that oil. If you wonder how to brush your beard when growing it out, a shampoo will work instead of beard wash, but it’s not good for your skin. The chemicals you will find in hair shampoos are too harsh for your face and can wash away the precious sebum oil.

Brushing helps you redistribute the sebum oil evenly throughout your beard, making the hair look more moisturized. When cleaning, try giving your beard a deep massage with a little bit of beard wash with your fingertips. You can wash the beard shampoo away after 30 seconds, and the beard hair will automatically absorb necessary chemicals.

Apply Some Beard Oil

If you want to know how to brush your beard to grow, you will find answers in beard oils. Beard oils contain essential nutrients which nourish your facial hair and moisturizes it. If you are applying beard oil, make sure you use it before brushing, as you will have to massage the beard area well to make the oil go deep.

You can pour a few drops of beard oil on your palms and rub them to spread the oil evenly. The other benefit of applying oil before brushing is that a brush will evenly distribute the oil everywhere.

The texture from your brush will also give the beard a lovely glimmer and smoothness.

Your beard will also resist sticking together and clumping up. Beard oils also have risen extracts sometimes, which reduces itchiness and calms the skin. The slick shine will catch a few glances in the ground and show everyone that you take care of yourself.

Brush Your Beard Upward First

The question ‘how to brush your beard upward?’ might sound a little bizarre, but we insist you keep listening. Using your beard brush, you have to brush all of your hair in the upward direction until you get a Mufasa-style mane.

You will not have to keep the hair like this, but this is the foundation for us to work upon.

If you do not wet your face before starting to brush your beard, you might notice that everything is very clumpy.

Beard hair often sticks together when it is dry, and brushing them upward will separate them, preventing clumps. After you finish brushing all the hair upwards, you can proceed to the next step.

Guide on How to Brush Your Beard

Brush the Cheek and Fore Beard Downward

A with the grain brushing means that you will brush along with the growth direction. Your beards always grow in the downward direction, but a few people have exceptions. You can study where your hair grows and which direction it heads to. Your style depends on what is good on your face, and you should not hesitate to experiment with fashion.

The significant aspect of brushing your beard is that you can force the hair to be in any direction you want with a low-power hairdryer. Ensure you do not apply too much heat or force on your beard, or you will damage the hair pores.

Boar fur brushes are the best for making beard brushes, and you can find good boar brushes online or at a beauty shop. You can also study how to take care of your beard brush online, as boar fur brushes can be too fragile sometimes.

Get to the Mustache

It would help if you used a proper mustache comb to fix the hair in the right way. You can curl the mustache with your fingers as well if you want long and curly edges. Using a hairdryer to twirl the mustache is an instrumental technique to form a classy style.

Try finding a comb that has wider teeth gaps and durable make. Wood is usually an excellent material for a mustache comb as it absorbs extra beard oil and slowly lets it evaporate in the air. You can also brush your mustache downward to keep it looking clean and crisp.

Brushing downward can help you see any extra mustache hair on your lips for an easy cut. You can trim excess growth with a simple electric trimmer or a pair of scissors. If you wonder how to brush your beard properly, the beard styling market also has many mustache balms that help you style mustaches the way you want.

Brush Your Neckbeard Upwards

Your neckbeard is a bunch of lower area beards, and you will have to trim it before brushing. Neckbeards grow faster than other facial hair areas, and you will have to keep them in an acceptable range for a good look.

An electric trimmer can help you level the neckbeard to a preferable degree, and then you have to comb it forward or upwards. Brushing the neckbeard upwards will give it volume, making it look attractive and full. Though your perception matters a lot, so if the style seems dirty or untidy to you, you can undo it by just pushing the neckbeard back.

We discussed how to brush balm into your beard, which will help you bring your neckbeard back to the previous state. This point is a step to experiment, and you can select your attire purpose to make sure it does not give the impression of being out of place.

Take a Step Back and Analyze

Make sure you like the look that you will be carrying around. It is better to pick your look than having self-doubt in your mind about it. You should also validate there are no stray hair sticking on your skin, and if you see any, use the clean towel to wipe it off.


Grooming your beard is difficult, and brushing is something that many men are not even aware of. Brushing your beard can prove a beneficial process of equally distributing sebum oil present in your skin throughout the hair and applying beard oils.

Hopefully, our tips on brushing your beard when growing it out will bring a little ease to your brushing techniques. It is always better to brush your facial hair neatly to ensure every part receives equal treatment.

If you liked our tips, make sure to share them with your peers. If you have any questions or advice for us in mind, you can also tell us about it in the comments.