Beard Trimmer vs. Hair Clipper

Beard Trimmer vs. Hair Clipper

Are you wondering whether you can use a beard trimmer to cut your hair or a hair clipper to trim your beard? If you are not aware of the difference in features that each of the tools are having then, jeep reading this article further.

In this article, we would make a beard trimmer vs. hair clipper comparison. You would know the fundamental differences between them and how you can properly use the product individually.

Difference Between Beard Trimmer and Hair Clipper

The availability of these electric devices in the market has made many differences and beneficial for men’s grooming which you can buy anywhere. You’ll find various devices out of which you’d get confused by the looks of modern clippers and trimmers. Both of them are pretty similar, and you’ll not be able to differentiate between them.

Eventually, clippers and trimmers can do maximum tasks these days, but there’s a need to know about the differences between them. You have to accept that all grooming devices are not up to the mark, and recently most companies are making strides in this domain but turning the table. Before digging into the differences, let’s know about the tools individually.

Difference Between Beard Trimmer and Hair Clipper

Beard Trimmer

A beard trimmer is the basic necessity of every man to maintain their facial hair properly. It is one of the vital grooming tools used by maximum men these days. Eventually, there are many similarities in trimmer and clipper as both are designed with a blade and motor. The beard trimmer’s blades are thin, which seems perfect for short hair length, making the facial skin look good.

A trimmer works out so fine on sensitive skin as it has hypoallergenic blades that don’t cause any harm to the skin. No matter what styling you want, including the buzz cut, this tool will be the best choice. You’ll get additional nozzles with the trimmer that allows it to use as a shaver.

Best Beard Trimmer

Phillips BT 1212/15, cordless rechargeable beard trimmer:

This particular product has a DuraPower technology that makes them give long-lasting performance. It lowers the friction created on the blades that protect the battery and motor from being overloaded. It is easy to carry as it comes with a USB cable, but the adapter is not included. The product has a skin-friendly performance that prevents getting scratched or irritated.

The trimmer is easy to clean with a detachable head, and the blades are stainless and have self-sharpening availability. Also, the product comes with a battery charging indicator that gives you the sign of charging with a green light. This product is perfect for getting a protective trim from time to time. You can use the trimmer cordless for 30 minutes after charging for 8 hours.

Hair Clipper

On the contrary, a hair clipper is mainly seen at barbershops or salons used to cut men’s hair. Although they meant working like scissors and razors, they are pretty different in many aspects.

Nowadays, maximum barbers or professional hairdressers first use a hair clipper as the first step of hair cutting. This tool is an electric device with a motor and blade and is primarily used to cut long-length hair.

There are different attachments in the hair clipper, which is called guards, in various sizes. The guards’ sizes detect the hair’s length to cut off, which gets attached on the top-notch. Even though you can use a clipper in both damp or dry hair, but you’ll get the best results using it in wet hair since the hair would be wet, so the product will be easier to clean.

Best Hair Clipper

Phillips Hair Clipper (corded) with 13 lengths, you can get even a haircut and faster clipping without clogging. The product has a trim-n-flow technology that allows you to have continuous cutting.

The blades double sharpened for getting two times speedier clipping. There are 13 length settings that you can easily select and lock-in for comfortable usage.

The clipper is corded and has an efficient power system. You’ll get the product more comfortable and easy to control due to the presence of an ergonomic handle. The blades are easy to clean as the edges can be released easily, making the job relatively easy. You won’t need any oil or other materials for maintenance.

The Difference in Size and Weight

You can easily detect the differences between the two tools, viz. the beard and mustache trimmer vs. hair clippers clipper trimmer, by holding them in your hand. A trimmer is much lighter in weight and smaller than a clipper, double the trimmer size. The difference between beard trimmers and hair clippers is quite unclear, vague, and muddy.

You’ll not get any assortments in beard trimmers, and due to the presence of a thin blade, it allows you to work more precisely and with great details compared to a hair clipper. You can also use the beard trimmer for shaving your hair in the areas around the neck or chin. But, it would be best if you were careful while using the tool in these areas.

The Difference in Size and Weight of Trimmer and Clipper

Trimmer Vs. Clipper

Below are beard trimmer vs. hair clipper differences, which we will be providing in points so that the comparison could be easy to understand. People get confused when deciding which one they must obtain between the two.

After taking a close look, you’ll realize that the difference is not that easy to find. Still, by looking at the blade guards, you’ll be able to tell the difference. Let’s have a detailed look into the differences between both the tool.

  • If we correctly differentiate both the tools, we would notice that the main difference is the blade’s size between the two devices. The difference in size is due to the different purposes specially designed to cut tiny hairs. On the other hand, clippers are designed to cut long hair. So, there is a difference in their blades.
  • The next difference is in the cord; clippers are usually available with a wire, while trimmers are most of the time found cordless. So, trimmers are easy to carry around as it is light-weighted and cordless.
  • You must know some basic skills while using a clipper. It is somewhat tough to manage and is usually used by professionals in salons and barbershops. Still, anyone can use a trimmer as it is easy to use.
  • You’d see those clippers are best for cutting hair in layers or cutting it in full fades. In contrast, trimmers would give a closer shape than clippers due to thinking blades that do not uproot the hair follicles.
  • Even though you’ll get different settings for cutting extra hair length in both tools, trimmers are recommended even for those having sensitive skin.

Benefits of a Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer

  • The way you use both tools makes a huge difference in both. As the blades are thin in beard trimmers, they cut pretty close to the skin, and the sole purpose of the trimmer is to trim facial hair, which is one of the most delicate areas of our body. Trimmers are capable of providing a tidy look when it comes to the beard. You can outline your hair around the ears, neck, and other sensitive parts with a trimmer. It is hassle-free because trimmers cut pretty close to the skin, and you do not have to shave after trimming. It saves up your time as it’s pretty easy to use and is faster than other grooming kits.
  • On the other side, hair clippers are not for beginners. You can practice on some manual clippers before you start working with an electric device. Even though both trimmers and clippers follow the oscillating blades’ rules, you could see the glaring differences in the edges for both cases. You can get a beautiful and sleek hair cut in your long hair with clippers, and it is better at preparing your beautiful hair for a final touch. You will get various setting options in the clipper that will help you to cut the hair to the length you wished.


You can use a beard trimmer if:

  • You want only to trim your beard or quick shave
  • You are having short hair and want to give it a proper shape
  • You want to shave the neck are, ear, or other sensitive parts

You can use a hair clipper if:

  • You want to cut long hair.
  • You want to trim your long beard.
  • You want to have a closer shape other than trimming.

I hope you have understood the vast difference between the tools through this article, where we have tried to bring all the differences in hair clipper vs. beard trimmer. Interestingly, both the devices are not used for the same work and cannot be replaced by one another. They complement one another for having the finest and most admirable hair-cutting experience. Although you can choose any of these, I would ask you to follow the points mentioned earlier.