Beard Hair Falling Out When Combing

Beard Hair Falling Out When Combing

Before we begin, let us clarify one thing: Your beard’s hair falling out when combing is normal. Beard hairs are the same as any other hairs grown on the body.

A lot of hair loss can make us worried as the beard might look thin. Proper care and attention towards the Beard are required to maintain a healthy beard style.

Understanding Beard Life Cycle

As mentioned earlier, Beard hairs are similar to any other hair on the body. We all know that the hair on our head falls, and it’s normal. In the same way, beard hair falling when combing is equally normal.

The Stages of Beard Hair Growth Include:

Growth Stage

Here, the beard hair starts growing, appearing like a bit of an outlet on the face. Initially, it’s black. A musk-like structure is pictured on the lower regions of the face. Growing beard hairs are sharp and give an itchy feeling. Later, when an outlet is increased, the beard hairs go into reinstalling stage.

Reinstalling Stage

At this stage, the beard hair begins growing and extending. Shape and texture are built here. Proper care and attention are a must during this stage to maintain the quality of beard hair. Washing the Beard’s hair with appropriate shampoo, combing regularly, and applying good beard oil is expected. Once the hair is grown correctly, you can chop. After the initial reinstalling stage, hair goes into a maintenance stage where it may get subjected to roughness, split ends, and other effects.

Maintenance Stage

Most of the beard issues happen in this stage. Oiling is a must. Beard hair falling is a common effect seen in this stage.

In scientific language, the hair stages can be categorized as below:


It is a growth stage and lasts about five years. The formation of Bublé after the hair is grown is observed.


This is an intermediate stage between Anagen and Telogen. The stage lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. In this duration, the supply of blood to the follicles is entirely off.


The stage lasts for three months. It is the resting stage of the cycle. Here the follicle rests and resizes itself to grow new hair. Some follicles go back to stage 1, whereas others go towards the last stage.


The stage is responsible for hair fall. It lasts for 1 or 2 days.

Why Does Beard Hair Fall When Combing

Why Does Beard Hair Fall When Combing?

The beard hairs’ roots get to loosen up due to ignores while on the other hand, it is natural sometimes.

Hair Whiskers get fall off due to the growth cycle of the body. Usually, one hair falls, and another grows up in the same place due to the body’s adapting capability. It is the natural reason for beard hair loss.

On the other hand, one more important reason is improper nourishment of the hair. Harsh combing, not detangling hair for a long time (say, 10 to 13 days), using soap for washing Beard, etc.

Food intake and supply of nutritional elements require beard hair maintenance like proteins; vitamins are also equally essential.

Well, a min loss of 20 to 30 whiskers a day is average enough. If your hair loss count is higher than this, you need to be concerned.

Major Causes for Beard Hair Fall Are as Follows

  1. Dying too much and after short intervals.
  2. Using low-quality or duplicate beard products.
  3. Applying no beard products.
  4. Aggressively combing.
  5. Not having a Balanced diet.
  6. Taking much stress.
  7. Excessive blow-drying.
  8. Ironing hot.
  9. Bad Grooming.
  10. Detangling after long intervals.

How to Prevent Beard Hair Fall When Combing

Figure Out Your Routine

Now you know that beard hair loss can occur due to the reasons mentioned above. Compare your schedule whether you are undertaking some similar kind of activity damaging your quality beard hair.

Groom Properly

Detangle the Beard and every day once comb gently through your Beard.

Apply Verified Products Only

Never rush behind cheap things and adjustments when it comes to your hair. Research and then select the product to be applied depending on your skin and hair type.

Don’t Overdo Styling

Blow drying and ironing should be done within limits and under the proper guidance of the experts. Unnecessary use of styling gadgets can cause harm.

Eat Healthily

A balanced diet is crucial for every part of your body, likewise your beard hair. Every vitamin and mineral should reach the edges for proper growth and maintenance.


This is the biggest enemy for a healthy hair life. Avoid stress as much as you can.

Remedies for Beard Hair Fall When Combing

Remedies for Beard Hair Fall When Combing

Go for Expert Advice

The fundamental problem behind your hair loss can be identified precisely by an expert. If your hair loss is extreme, then it’s mandatory to consult a specialist. Otherwise, it will go to that stage when you cannot do anything with this, so consulting with an expert is a very good idea.

Use Oils Specially Formulated to Stop Hair Fall

There are many oil manufacturers specially designed and formulated for beard health. Depending on the hair type and skin type and the brands’ reviews, you can go for beard oil and shampoo.

Unbiased reviews are most important in this case.

Reschedule Your Grooming Activity

Analyze your schedule and make changes accordingly regarding combing your beard, washing, and other styling routines.

Stop Using Your Current Grooming Products

Beard hair fall when combing can also be an after the result of using a product. Immediately stop using such chemicals and solutions if you are observing the hair drop.

Sleep More

Sleeping solves most of the health issues. Have a proper sleep for a week or two immediately. You could observe development in beard hair health.

Sleeping even reduces stress which is also a reason for hair loss.

Use Cotton Wipes to Dry Beard Hair

If the hair is getting ripped due to aggression, using cotton wipes to clean the Beard will be a smoother solution.

Handle the Beard with care and sensitivity.

Change Your Comb

Change the comb you are using. Try a smoother one. One should change the comb every two months.

Eat Fruits

Fruits can complete the deficiency, if any, for the beard hairs and may help gain its strength back and give healthier beard hairs.

Understanding the problem and then working on it would be a straightforward approach for beard hair fall. Before applying any product, don’t forget to get asserted from multiple users you trust.

It’s frightening, at first sight, to see your beard hair falling when combing, but once you figure it out, it’s as simple as gaining the Beard back.

Wrap Up

Beard hair falling out while combing is normal till the time hair loss is under control. Use proper shampoos, oils, and comb daily to detangle and maintain a healthy Beard. Understanding the beard life cycle and then taking particular measures will help avoid significant hair loss. If you find any interesting thing about this article, just let us know.